Thursday, October 13, 2011

Convocation of Kamarul

I was invited to be photographer for my friend to attend his convocation. Of course I am happy for him too. =) I wish i can graduate soon with everything passing smoothly haha. I am happy to try out my new 50mm micro lens with  aperture value can down to  f 1.8. But through out this whole photo shoot session, not all are just using one lens, but two lens, the other one is kit lens.
I still having problems dealing monitor color calibration. I can see my photos in other monitors look either very pale or bright, or very dark n vibrant. Maybe its time to invest a good calibrator or more accurate color monitor like MAC which i still choose not to buy, its expensive to me as a student.

Anyway, hope you all enjoy viewing these photos =) 

Wedding Dinner of Jocelyn + Wai Keong

its my sister's wedding dinner! Yup, she is married now. I am happy for her as long as she is happy =). I took some photos for her and also for myself on that day although I am not the official photographer. It was challenging for me as I do not have upgraded flash light and worry my flash light will create hard light and indoor usually will get noise. So, I ended up doing heavy editing to reduce the noise in the photos =).
I only post some selected photos here only because of copyright and permissions right of the people captured in the photo.  Hope you all enjoy and do like my photos.