Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pink Garden

Finally, got some updates from me on my photography blog. I was busy doing many other things as I managing four blogs and I know it sounds crazy haha. Anyway, I do think you guys might get bored with me doing pink or purple colour mood photos again but for some reason, some photos I personally don't feel goes well with the original green trees background. It was a photography group with another photographer, Mei Fern.  Model is Eva Lim, makeup by Sylvia Yong. I snapped a few photos in this session and it have 4 different looks on her and I maybe decided to separate the photos into 4 groups with different colour mood due to the look and feel. The photoshoot took place at The Lake Garden in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Hope you enjoy seeing some of the photos here. Will update more later.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Portrait 010: Jeremy Song

This eventually was taken few months back, quite long ago. I have handmade a huge glasses for my friend and at the same day he wanted me to photograph him. So, I snapped photos of him nearby Petaling Street in KL city. We were walking on the street and found a very well decorated, nice chill out cafe restaurant. Thus, we began to take photos there.

Before I post the photos here, I would like to say these photos are just taken for personal usage and not for any commercial or other purposes. No copyright infringement intentded. I wish if the restaurant manager sees this won't sue me.

Jeremy did a lot of poses for this photoshoot as we just playing around taking funny photos.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Malacca Trip

This not really a trip for the photography purpose but I took the opportunity to snap some photos as good memories for the Malacca trip.=) We were celebrating a buddy's birthday eventually. =)

Bon Odori

I was checking out my old photos posted on my blog and found out I missed out this album. So I posted them now . This was a Bon Odori festival 2010 July. Every year, they will have this event held during the month of July. Bon Odori means Bon dance which is a dance performed during the Obon which originally a Nenbutsu folk dance welcoming the spiritis of the dead. The style of celebrating the festival are different in many way from different regions. (Source from wikipedia)
It was a very crowded event with many Japanese products selling there and able to have a slice of a Japanese culture.

Bangkok Trip Part Two

My Bangkok trip was fun and was immersed in a environment full with colourful cultural temples and great shopping apparels with valuable, affordable prices.And get to feel the sense of heavily prioritize appearances among the younger adults. Its a crowded place full with different people coming from different countries.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

I'm Back for more photos soon =)

Just a short greeting and update to viewers/readers of my blog to show that I am back with my presence!