Monday, November 23, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009

1, 2 steps, to the colours of life

Actually this is a outdoor photo I took in the hot afternoon but I adjusted the shutter speed high, Swallow aperture, and low ISO power. so can make it darker..then photoshop edited also.

The concept is just want to express my life, like a journey stepping on the colourful tiles on the floor, and what I stepped on will be what the things I am facing or feelings..


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nōtan is a Japanese design concept involving the play and placement of light and dark next to the other in art and imagery. This use of light and dark translates shape and form into flat shapes on a two-dimensional surface. Nōtan is traditionally presented in paint, ink, or cut paper, but it is relevant to a host of modern day image-making techniques, such as lithography in printmaking, and rotoscoping in animation.

Today why I introduce about this is because I think we all can use this to apply in our photography when taking photos of the object that we want to focus on.

Notan is about placement of dark and light, in colours, in shade and etc..So in order to take a good photo that can greatly/obviously shown what or who is the main character in this photo.. you need to learn to play around with contrast or dark and light to lead the viewer's eye to your main subject.

Although I haven't really adapt this idea and apply it fully.. but I really think its useful to share with you all.


I personally is a person who like to take photos of nature. But at the same time I would like to try new things, new environment instead of sticking to the things I like or good at. That's how I started to learn photography as well. This as took outside my house where I saw 2 snails walking slowly in my garden... one big and one small. So I suddenly thought of the concept of parent and kid relation. But I failed to get nice, meaningful shot of them.
Other than that, I also tried to play with foucus the details on the snail and blur the background with the lens focus. But maybe I just noob, so din really feel that I got a perfect shot.
I hope next time can get better shots.. Comments and Critiques are greatly welcome. Thank you =)

Thursday, November 19, 2009


The first image is my new piece of work hope you all enjoy, done by playing with slow shutter speed and exercise myself with moving the torch light and edit colours and here this is it =)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Photos Took @ Pulau Meranti Batik Shop

My class lecturer last Thursday brought us a trip to Pulau Meranti to visit a Batik shop to let us experience batik before we start our assignment which related to batik. So that day my classmates and I went, and paid 60 ringgit for it =.= include the bus fee and lunch and the price for the canvas for us to learn batik on the spot.

For more details about this batik trip can check here

Friday, November 13, 2009

Black, white, grey

Black, white , grey
I wonder why the sky is grey
Dark, bright, dull
I wonder why I purposely make you dull
Come come, let the wind blow
Blow away the dust in your eyes.
I will paint your world red, green, blue.
Nothing much to elaborate but just normal practises of my phtoography skill last time. Will try to find time to post sth useful later.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Above & below : this called, either photoframe or patterns


Above: Leading Line to main object (table)

Above: Leading Line to main object (table)


Location : MMU
Photos which I took long time ago for practise and until recently got time to edit ..I was practising taking shadow, leading line, patterns...
Comments and Critiques are welcome =)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Talent Photography - First try

Model : Eva Lim, My sister
Old photos but new edition LOLZ
feel free to comment or critique since i'm not pro yet

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

23/10/09 photography 1-day trip

Wake up in the morning, gazing at the sky, checking the weather, don't wanna get a dull weather

seeing the buildings and sky through the window, wishing to go out and have fun

dreaming away~

and i came to here, a garden, a playground... gazing at the sky again... guess I am dreaming

looked around and saw the tiny flowers that seldom people will admire the tiny

only realized I already outside the cage, feeling so fresh

I wish i can have more time at here, the playground, to "play"

to play anything here, record every moment, thing creatively.

but time is always that cruel, and weather will never always good


time flies and evening have arrived

*note: pictures above is done with slow shutter speed and with flash effect. you can try out too =)

But the night still young, so I still wanna enjoy the colourful moments till night ends

End.. LOLZ i simply wrote like a story.. but doesn't really flow pretty well together.. haha
enjoy the photos. But I really wish I can have more time to...

Comments and Critiques are welcome. =)