Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Secret Scent of a Lady Queen

Are you ready to get a taste of the scent from the Lady Queen?
Updating to the readers/ viewers although this is not completed yet. 
Still got some under editing but due to new semester started , ya still a student. This project has been a very very long kept almost a year from the very rough sketch of the design of the mask till today. It was hard for me to find a model and measure the head well. But problems come in when i took this project a little too long for finding makeup artist and hair stylist who willing to do this for free, for art and for port folio only and ended up i lost booking the actual model with the correct size of the face to fits the mask. As a student and unknown person like me, how can i afford a makeup artist or hairstylist by paying them? Luckily, there's generous friends, or kind people still can be found. 
So, I ended up finding my own sister to do the photoshoot.