Monday, January 28, 2013

Somewhere out there

Somewhere out there, in the middle of nowhere, where the sun is not alone but like the stars that many and the land is a hot desert place. Concept and the mood I decided to bring out is a warm desert cultural traditional feel like Africans in rural area but still add in fashion element into it with the lion hair and white eye shadow, eye brows and eye lashes.

Before this I was struggling find the right colour mood to adjust the colours and feel right and different from the previous posts I did which they all were shot on the same day and  same place.

Below images are my first and second attempts on adjust the colour palette.

Friday, January 25, 2013

A date with the night

"Dreaming to have a starry date with the beautiful night where the moon is softly glowing and the stars blended together from sky to earth. I am dating with the night."

This is the second look I photographed on the same day with the previous post. I like the outcome but I kind of regret the amount of photos were taken and the selected photos which I love.
The hat is eventually from bouquet flower decoration and the necklace are just chained different sizes of ring files. Good idea to full off a romantic classy evening look for photo shoot? 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Red Net

Another new album is up o post now. Hope you all enjoy this series of photos. More photos will be updated soon once I am done with post production. You may question why I use the same model which is Eva Lim, my sister. First is because, being her brother for years and seen her tried few modelling photo shoots with other photographers before, I believe I know her well, and I think she is a good model who is willing to communicate or discuss with photographer and have her input to blend with mine and yet she did fulfilled the basic requirements of a model. Second, because I am working for my own art projects, I am not having paid nor really my own business yet. So I know its hard to find models who have the face features I want and willing to work with me without getting paid, I only can afford by paying their meals on the photoshoot day and also have the good attitude to work with when my commanding power isn't that strong and persuasive at times.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Let go Vogue!

Let's go Vogue. work it baby!

Eventually, this was taken on the same day as the last 2 posts I posted.I separated them into 3 album because she had 3 looks to be shot on that day firstly and second reason is because I found there's 3 different look and feel which I end up decided to separate them into 3 albums. One is feminine pastel pink, one is the slightly retro colour mood but still remain some vibrant in it which to me I will call it the normal ones; lastly is because we found this background which hit me that this can be so fashion editorial together with the model.  So, wala, vogue! 

Vogue idea eventually I wasn't really want to imitate like the Vogue Magazine, but instead of the definition of "Vogue" which means something popular, something in fashion, popular style, fashionable.  Although I know I may not be right or very updated to fashion, but I know this is looking stylish.

Lake Garden

This was taken  two months back I think. It is my first time invited by Mei Fern-Chong to have a group photoshoot with her and Eva Lim as our model. Makeup was done by Sylvia Yong and Eva wore a wig for the first time photoshoot. The photos taken in the Lake Garden, Kuala Lumpur.

We were shooting around the late morning till 3pm late afternoon if not mistaken, we were all sweaty, sun tanned or burned, dehydrated after the photoshoot. It was my very fresh start after a long time I stopped taking portraits of people with theme or with concept.