Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Malacca Trip

This not really a trip for the photography purpose but I took the opportunity to snap some photos as good memories for the Malacca trip.=) We were celebrating a buddy's birthday eventually. =)

Bon Odori

I was checking out my old photos posted on my blog and found out I missed out this album. So I posted them now . This was a Bon Odori festival 2010 July. Every year, they will have this event held during the month of July. Bon Odori means Bon dance which is a dance performed during the Obon which originally a Nenbutsu folk dance welcoming the spiritis of the dead. The style of celebrating the festival are different in many way from different regions. (Source from wikipedia)
It was a very crowded event with many Japanese products selling there and able to have a slice of a Japanese culture.

Bangkok Trip Part Two

My Bangkok trip was fun and was immersed in a environment full with colourful cultural temples and great shopping apparels with valuable, affordable prices.And get to feel the sense of heavily prioritize appearances among the younger adults. Its a crowded place full with different people coming from different countries.