Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Portrait 019 : Joseph Mah

19th Portrait Album, Joseph Mah. He is a athletic person as you can see based on his ripped body. Also is my first time photographing people topless to show off their body and do a manly, sexy plus sporty theme. I've requested him to do a few jump shots then a few normal standing shots and mostly all have to make his scarf flying by me or by himself. I use remote control to snap when I at the position to help him throw the scarf up to make the scarf fly/float/wave in a way I hope it can be.

The photoshoot session is taken in my small room with my own DIY fluorescent lights set up and brown paper stick to wall set up. And then pretty much post production works were done with photoshop.

This is the process how the photo is edited and made. =) Nice?

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