Saturday, February 9, 2013


The last album and last theme of the same day photoshoot, total of five different looks photographed on the same day, have we broke a record for ourselves? I mean makeup artists, model and me. Its my first time doing 5 different looks and props in a row, happy!

But there's down side of taking photos too long from model's perspective, especially the lighting I used to set up an indoor photoshoot is not flash, but fluorescent lights which is a pain to the eyes for staring long hours which will be better if I can afford flash lite which can be softer light when is not shooting and only brighten with flash once I snap pictures. Anyhow, model can stay away from lights when no shooting to rest her eyes. 

After hours of a long day photo shoot, I have decided to switch off one sharp light standee the last 2 themes photoshoot as the model eyes were starting to get tired and tearing. So the side effects on the photos will be, darker and harder to capture without noise or more noise will be capture. At this fifth shoot, we have reached the night time around 7pm - 8pm.  To flash back the memories of that day, it really wasn't a good savvy idea as we starve or have late meals and kind of exhausting long day work for model and makeup artists. I wasn't having a really energetic spirit to began either because the day before I was burning midnight oil to add one more prop into the White Queen theme photoshoot which was the studs with feathers shoulder wear. I remember my face is the ugliest as sleepless gives you dark eyed circles and bad face day. Ya, when I am serious rushing work as a photographer and artist, I could care less how I look at work. On the opposite side, if I am the modelling for the photo shoot day, I will be pay more effort to sleep early, eat healthy to look good and perform well. 

The butterfly concept was initially just wanting to try do something which I don't normally do which is just capture nice photos. Then on second thought, butterflies are formed from caterpillars in metamorphosis process and butterflies have short life once they became butterflies. So butterflies represent, limited beauty of youth where also is a age where you get to shine, climb the sloppy road to the uphill before downhill. White also represent the purest time is during youth.Thus, I've started to put my imaginary thoughts and my art skill together with my photography as I thought it will be outstanding to convert what I can draw on a canvas into reality and captured by me. I know it sounded very cosplay at the same time. So I have to be very careful not to over cross the line between fashion and cosplay, but still remain the recycle green concept by handmaking the props or accessories. Which it also saves a lot of money to do something big to me.

Thank you Grace Wong and Genneve Tai from Estilo Galleria Academy for helping me to make my vision came true with the awesome makeup and hairstyle.

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