Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The White Queen

Just want to say, "wohoo!" I finally finish editing the total 5 albums photos that shot on the same day with different concepts. But editing the photos from starting the first look until here, my patience is really being tested badly. I almost felt hard to be aspiring and inspired for continuing the editing and gettings the photos to be on the right colour mood or feel. To be honest, there are some photos in this White Queen album aren't fully satisfied by me. And have the feeling of wanting to re-edit but also time is running out and I did set a deadline to complete for myself. Really want to give a big thank you to my sister as my model, my friend who helped me on the makeup and hairstyle, Grace Wong and her partner, Genneve Tai. Also thank them for giving a place to photograph as well. Without them, this outcome will be incomplete. I spent two months on handmaking all the props to match the theme and dress and finally get to production and post-production stages. I feel a big comfort and great achievement for making my visions came true, made my life felt meaningful for doing what I love and closer to my dream and goal.

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