Monday, January 28, 2013

Somewhere out there

Somewhere out there, in the middle of nowhere, where the sun is not alone but like the stars that many and the land is a hot desert place. Concept and the mood I decided to bring out is a warm desert cultural traditional feel like Africans in rural area but still add in fashion element into it with the lion hair and white eye shadow, eye brows and eye lashes.

Before this I was struggling find the right colour mood to adjust the colours and feel right and different from the previous posts I did which they all were shot on the same day and  same place.

Below images are my first and second attempts on adjust the colour palette.

I know this one might be overly exaggerated and too much editing until looks like graphic designer's works than a professional photographer, but my first impression was like something allein, universe, outer space, stars, kind of feel as I feel this can match with sci fi and dreamy fantasy theme. 

Here's 2nd attempt where I try to remove all the complex details as I thought I should bring the model into the main focus and her makeup is also the main point to promote or show the talented works done by the makeup artists, Grace Wong and Genneve Tai.

Because of my previous two albums were cold colour mood or neutral colour mood and I don't want to keep my photos on this album cold colour again and this look can be match with warm colour. Thus, I decided to put all of the selected photos into warm colour mood.

23 photos were taken for this look and 7 photos were selected in the end. I hope you all enjoy them. Take care and I will keep you all updated. =)

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